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Kiara Hut is your is your one stop shop for top quality leather products, made by leather craftsmen in India.
At Kiara Hut you will find a vast selection of genuine leather items, the result of the best Made in India craftsmanship for quality leather bags, leather jackets, leather wallets, leather travel bags to suit and  complete your style statement.

Each leather item is carefully handcrafted by carefully selecting only the best leather to ensure that you own only the best of Kiara Hut leather goods.

All the leather products on sale are often updated to follow international trends. We take utter care in every single detail to give you a product that is not only beautiful to look at, but also practical, easy to use and on the other hand affordable.

Time Changes & So Should You. Refresh your look with these quality pieces from 2022 Collection

Handcrafted real leather backpacks

Be sophisticated ! Kiara Hut backpacks are trendy and yet elegant.

Backpacks at Kiara Hut are made from highest quality leather. In fact, each leather bag is carefully crafted by experienced and qualified leather artisans. The leather used is 100% original and premium.

With great collection of bags, you can be sure that you won’t miss the trend.

These leather bags can be worn both for a day’s work and for a walk in the open air. They are very spacious, and moreover ideal to order all the objects you need to carry with you.

black leather jacket

Leather notebooks !

Take your hobby to a whole new level with our handmade leather notebooks and handmade recycled paper. These gorgeously crafted  notebooks are made from high quality vegetable tan leather in our workshop. They are a wonderful way to motivate yourself to write each day, whether for fun, personal introspection, emotional release, study or work. We believe there is something deeper and more connecting when partaking in the intimate art of handwriting. Even in this digital age, this is something to cherish.

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